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 Market Challenges:

Border police station is the agency of the county (city, district, flag) public security organs, but also a major grassroots units of public security border, is set to prevent, manage, blow, services and many other functions in one comprehensive grassroots fighting entity.
Distributed along the border police at the border, many in mountainous and inaccessible communications underdeveloped. Many places are 350 trillion wireless communication system coverage blind spots, daily duty police work and emergency work at the sudden there is no effective means of radio communication dispatching, Frontier Corps or detachment of the area police station no unified command and dispatch wireless means.
According to border police officers much less funding, there is no full-time technical staff, the main area of wireless communication coverage is needed characteristics of the police station location in densely populated areas, border police station building wireless communication system to be considered cost-effective, easy to use, virtually maintenance claim.


Border police work combined with practical features Linton developed a border police station building wireless communications solutions. Construction program using the following principles:
(1) The location of each border police erected a conventional relaying station provides local transit conventional terminal communication services;
(2) Currently, the border police station with a private IP network, you can use the IP network as a voice transmission link will interconnect the various police stations transit station, saving the cost of renting the link.
(3)In the province (city) border total (branch) exchange control center team building to achieve under the jurisdiction of the border police station interconnection and dispatching;
The program takes full advantage of existing IP link border police resources and existing conventional radio, which greatly reduces the cost of network construction and operation; system management and maintenance in the Corps command center remotely, each equipped with a border police station without specialized technical personnel.

 Program Features:

(1) Packet scheduling management
Through network management terminal system can be freely points each border police station groups, such as a brigade under the jurisdiction of the police station into a group, the group given separate numbers, walkie-talkie between groups can dial calls, coordinated operations; total (Detachment / brigade) command center dispatcher can schedule single, multiple, all police stations, command means flexible.
(2)A wide range of command and dispatch
Network coverage covering the sum of each base station, within a wide range of pre-loaded, improve dispatching efficiency.
(3) Telephone interconnect
Public telephone direct dial telephone line numbers Frontier Police VoIP gateway device can be directly connected to or inserted into the police station intercom call scheduling.
(4) Cluster interconnect
Cluster system with seamless access to a higher level, the ability to effectively extend dispatching cluster network, build Province - City - County - Township four wireless command and communications network.
(5)Full use of existing resources link
IP private network using border security as a network link, save link investment.
(6)To save existing investments
The police station without changing the existing conventional radios can be used normally.
(7) Analog - digital transition
Base station is compatible with several transit station by mode, the latter system can be smoothly upgraded from analog to digital.