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Product development is the brand's long-term development of the core competitiveness, and only continue to innovate in order to maintain the brand's industry-leading position. As one of the earliest brands of manufacturing and sales of professional wireless communication equipment, it is also one of the earliest independent research and development centers (R & D) enterprises in the domestic radio communication industry. At the same time, Linton always adhered to "advanced, independent research and innovation" Technology and design concepts, to attract the introduction of high-tech talent and advanced international equipment, to create a more than 50 high-quality R & D backbone technology team, and the first to develop DPMR, DMR digital trunking communication technology, is the earliest master DPMR, DMR One of the international digital standards of technology research and development center.

"Innovation comes from demand, demand comes from the market." Linton also cooperates with Eurasian regional sales elite to actively collect market information, transform into innovation power, build international technical team and carry out extensive technical cooperation and talent with domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, research institutions and world famous enterprises Training mechanism, through the advance of the technical planning and project research, combined with the development trend of the industry, mature technology will be applied to products and solutions, and continuously enhance the product system engineering, hardware, software, structure and shape design, rich product features, Users of the communication experience, committed to the vast number of consumers to provide more advanced, more powerful wireless communications equipment.