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Quality is the cornerstone of enterprise survival, is the life of enterprises, enterprises are invincible to the fundamental. Linton can stand in the market for three decades, and the industry and the market recognition, but also from FeiJie has been uphold the "quality of survival, continuous improvement, excellence Zhen; customer-centric, to meet the market to meet the demand" Quality management policy. Feijie from raw materials procurement to finished products factory all-dimensional three-dimensional monitoring, the implementation of "a standard double check multi-control" management model, strict control from the accessories to the production of the inspection process to ensure stable and high quality.

 A standard: that in accordance with the ISO9001-2008 quality management system for the production process to strictly control.

IQC: strict supplier qualification, selected product accessories, adhere to suppliers in raw materials, processes and performance parameters, and with world-class suppliers to establish long-term stable partnership to ensure that the production rate of products and the use of late stability.

IPQC: strict implementation of the standardization and scientific production of each production link, as far as possible all the substandard products in the production process found, and make a reasonable solution, and resolutely eliminate the substandard products.

OQC: the application of batch, time-sharing, sub-cross-sampling principle, to strengthen the scientific sampling, rationality and comprehensiveness, to prevent the flow of bad products to protect the product in the use of the stability and consistency.

Double check: that is, accessories testing and comprehensive testing.

Accessories testing: the company has introduced a variety of advanced international high-end precision quality testing equipment, including battery tester, wear test machine, rotary encoder and potentiometer life testing machine, vibration testing machine, microphone / speaker test machine, high (AOI), etc., on the substrate (PCB) welding process, the battery, the keyboard, the vibration of the substrate (PCB) welding process, the battery, the keyboard, the vibration , Encoders, potentiometers and other products related to the quality of any one component, the harsh quality testing to ensure that each product components of the excellent performance.

Comprehensive test: In accordance with the international professional communications equipment industry standards, for each finished product to carry out a rigorous comprehensive experimental tests, such as wear aging test, high and low temperature test, salt spray test, rain test, solar radiation, vibration drop test A pilot project to ensure that products in a variety of work environment under the comprehensive performance to meet the vast number of users in different areas of professional cluster communications needs.
Multi-control: the company to create a professional quality inspection team at the same time, also stressed that "everyone is the quality inspectors," full implementation of the "quality awareness", from pre-job training, post awareness and skills to enhance post- Analysis and exchange of training, and constantly strengthen and training, so that each employee to achieve "three self": their own products to check their own distinction between qualified and substandard products, their own logo, which in the production process to maximize Control the quality of stability.