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 Market Challenges:

The highway is a major hub for national traffic arteries, the greater traffic flow, some sections of the current actual traffic volume has exceeded the design capacity. Among them are free parking, overtaking, ultra high-speed, low-speed driving, overloading driving and other illegal acts seriously jeopardize the safety of the highway open. Due to the continuous extension of the highway, a serious shortage of high-speed traffic police force, various aspects of the problem remains outstanding, followed the traditional mode of communication in the past, can not meet the needs of the new situation of public security traffic management. Therefore, the urgent need clear and reliable police on the highway with a wireless communication system to support command scheduling, which is the most basic business requirements. The high-speed communication at this stage the following problems:

1, Transit stations covering a limited range, in the disposal of a major accident or major security guards work, transit small station communication range, the command center was unable to relevant sections of unified command and dispatch, police officers use walkie-talkies to be used in different sections of different channels, easily missed instruction.

2, The high cost of network building cluster system, use is not convenient enough, poor voice quality can not be resolved during the call that appears across the base, broken words and other issues.

New international and domestic situation of public security work put forward new demands to "pull a move" on the highway you can always create a wireless emergency communications; requirements "pass was the" done at any place, any time guaranteed smooth, high-speed communications command center at all times be able to contact the police in any area with high speed; requirements "see clearly", ready to capture live images, and promptly transmitted to the command center levels. Rely on scientific and technological progress to make the situation a serious shortage of highway police force to curb the occurrence of major accidents fundamentally real peace smooth highway.


Combined with practical communications applications demand high-speed traffic, well-informed developed a wireless audio and video dispatching solution program construction using the following principles:

(1) System construction using the same frequency broadcast technology to achieve wireless voice dispatching.

Along construction (2) highway with the same frequency broadcast station, according to the administrative unit (brigade) into the base station clustering, users one pair of separate voice frequency, various administrative units select an existing cross-voice frequency reuse, the establishment of wireless voice scheduling sub-systems.

(3)Installation of mobile video broadcast receiving equipment in parts of the same base station with audio achieve link sharing, in the large-scale support tasks, so that the command center could "pull a move, pass was on, to see things clearly," to establish a wireless audio video command and Control System.

(4) Ministries configuration command center integrated scheduling platform wireless audio and video scheduling system, the base stations to achieve tandem province, central dispatch platform configuration management system management of the province's audio and video system base station.

(5) Various administrative units (brigade) the user can configure the remote IP Command Center dispatch agents to achieve their respective jurisdictions terminal scheduling, anytime, anywhere on-demand audio and video dispatching.

The program will be broadcast with the same frequency and wireless video transmission technology integration, complete communication signals along the highway covering a large area, enabling voice packet scheduling and real-time transmission of information in front of live images to the command center, the highway traffic police to fully meet the actual work needs.

 Program Features:

(1)The integration of audio and video communication

Informed highway audio and video wireless communication system will be an effective voice and image fusion, so the command center during voice dispatch and also be able to watch the live images for high-speed traffic police leadership at the disposal of accidents, on-site rescue, traffic control, etc. to provide intuitive decision-making information.

(2) Clear voice, overlapping coverage area without interference

The GPS system uses the same frequency, the same phase, software radio technology to effectively eliminate the interference of overlapping coverage areas, like listening to a stereo broadcast signal coverage in any area are able to guarantee high-quality voice communications.

(3) Management of flexible, full-featured scheduler

The system can be based on high-speed traffic police jurisdictions flexible grouping, in their daily duty police officers working in each jurisdiction to conduct an independent internal communications, when there is a large security activities or other emergency situations, multiple packets and network, implement multiple jurisdictions unified command scheduling, pre-loaded.