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 Market Challenges:

With the advancement of urbanization, community management, community system in China, the popularity and deepening of development, for large-scale property (community) on the wireless communications and security scheduling communication needs, well-informed use of high-tech, the establishment of a set of high security performance, overall performance Stable and practical wireless communication systems and solutions, so that no signal blind spot, call quality and stability, the maximum extent possible to eliminate the daily security risks, improve the response to a variety of unexpected events to ensure the safety of the entire district. Management requirements analysis of large property:

1,To reduce the existence of communication blind spots: high floors, underground garage and complex steel structure of the construction of the radio signal shielding and attenuation of powerful;

2,The signal coverage is wide and stable: community buildings, indoor signal coverage area is large, resulting in wireless signals can not be completely covered and unstable, there is intermittent calls between buildings;

3, Need to be grouped according to different positions to apply their work characteristics;

4,The communication system needs to have scalability to meet the increasing user needs;

5, To have a strong anti-noise to ensure clear voice quality. Large community traffic, the environment is noisy, the noise is large, the staff listen to the radio is not clear the contents of the call to coordinate their work;

6, When an emergency situation, security personnel to trigger an emergency alarm, the management staff do not know the specific circumstances of the police and the police can not make arrangements for emergency situations, deal with.


Combined with digital intercom communication system, tailored for the property security users a new generation of digital intelligent scheduling management system, real-time information through the digital intercom system, short data transmission function, real-time back to the dispatcher, so as to truly on-site personnel Real-time online monitoring of work.

1. Digital communication technology has a system error correction function, can be in a wider range of environments, to provide users with a clearer sound quality, to ensure that the entire community all floors, buildings and underground garage wireless signal coverage, to achieve freedom , Clear communication, more effective to protect the scheduling command.

2. Digital communication technology can make better use of spectrum resources, improve spectrum utilization, and expand more users.

Digital communication technology can provide better data processing and interface functions, voice and data services integration more perfect and more convenient.