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 Market Challenges:

The security work of large-scale activities (sports events, performances, etc.) is an important part of the smooth conduct of the whole event. It not only involves the project process, but also deeply participates in the safety and wide range of activities and visitors. , Personnel need to undertake more security tasks departments need joint action, we must establish a sound emergency communications solutions to protect the activities during the communication foolproof, to ensure that the cluster command and dispatch operations and clear and accurate instructions. demand analysis:

1, Regional concentration, the use of a large number of personnel, packet communication system is complex.

2, The frequency of resources is limited, the system needs to save frequency resources.

3, The construction environment is complex, need to solve the communication blind spot.

4, The communication between the groups and the external electromagnetic environment to the wireless communication system to challenge the ability to resist.

5, The command center unified scheduling command.

 Solutions and Features:

1, The use of "digital multi-channel base station" approach, according to the actual need to set a number of groups of communication channels of the base station, can simultaneously support multiple groups of communication needs. Greatly improving the field communications staff command and dispatch capacity.

2, Digital communication technology can make better use of spectrum resources, improve the spectrum utilization, in the specified channel to load more users.

3, According to the size of the blind area to increase the same power signal amplifier.

4, Digital communication technology has a system error correction function, anti-interference ability, can be in a wider range of environments, to provide users with a clearer sound quality, so the user's call will be more clear.

5, Digital communication technology can provide better data processing and interface functions, voice and data services integration more perfect and more convenient.

6, For scheduling management issues. You need to design the background to run the software, our company is currently for the development of digital products corresponding to the management software.