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 Market Challenges:

The forestry sector is responsible for the protection of forest resources and the promotion of forestry economic development. Fast, accurate, safe and reliable wireless communication system is an important guarantee for the forestry sector to complete its duties.In recent years, with the global warming, frequent forest fires, forest fire prevention has become the top priority of the forestry sector, the original transfer station equipment, there are many limitations, such as limited coverage, can not be unified network command, Poor ability, limited system power supply. These problems have begun to become the bottleneck of wireless communications in forest fire prevention work. In order to solve the increasing communication demand of forest fire prevention and achieve the purpose of unified command, conventional analog communication has been unable to solve the growing demand for communication in the departmental forest fire, and it is urgent to build a simple and practical and cost-effective wireless communication system. "Digital multi-channel communication technology" has the following characteristics:

1, The spectrum of resource utilization is high, easier to achieve channel expansion.

2, Can be in a wider range of signal environment, strong anti-noise, to achieve better voice and audio quality, to meet the complex  mountain environment.

3, To improve and improve the integration of voice and data, change the control signal with the communication distance increases and reduce the weaknesses, in order to achieve effective call group, improve the combat capability.


Combined with the forest armed police, fire commanders and forest patrols of the actual communication needs, well-developed forest fire "digital multi-channel communication technology" system solutions. The following principles apply:

(1) To the department responsible for the forest as a unit, in the area within the corresponding location set with the same frequency base station;

(2) The base station to solve the power supply problem, give priority to solar power.

(3) Due to the forest in the mountains do not have a wired link, between the same base station and the central link between the use of wireless link network;

(4) Fire control office or command center configuration wireless dispatcher, responsible for the operation of the broadcast base stations for remote day-to-day management and monitoring;

(5) Dispatch station can communicate with the area in real time, and display Tonghua ID, call time, the base station and other information;

(6) The system must have the insertion, monitoring, demolition and other scheduling functions to meet the emergency command of a unified command and dispatch;The scheme uses the same frequency broadcast technology, which effectively solves the communication problem of large-scale seamless coverage of forestry. At the same time, it introduces the signaling of the conventional terminal, realizes the management of the mobile terminal and the digital recording and inquiry of all the calls.

 Program  Features:

(1) Clear voice

Digital multi-channel communication system with error correction function, and analog walkie-talkie, compared to a wider range of signal environment, to achieve better voice and audio quality, the received audio noise will be less, the sound is also more Clear.

(2) Easy to maintain

The dispatcher can remotely monitor the operation of the equipment such as the management base station and the broadcasting stations, and the maintenance personnel do not need to climb to the top of the tower for daily maintenance;

(3) Expansion capacity

With sustainable development and capacity expansion, a link center station can connect up to 32 wireless live stations.