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 Market Challenges:

With the development of super-scale, the pattern of diversification, for the wireless communication technology is also a corresponding higher requirements for the well-informed professionals for the complex and diverse, wide mobile area, covering the floor, the information shielding strong features, to provide flexible and effective solutions to protect the real estate market area without signal blind real-time communication, and effectively avoid interference with information to achieve the staff of the command and dispatch and instructions to convey the efficient communication needs, improve the efficiency of shopping malls to meet the customer happy shopping experience!


Combined with the actual application of ultra-practical communications needs, well-established within the business within the wireless communication coverage program. The following principles apply:

1,The principle of advanced:

The system as a whole from the resource allocation (including hardware equipment, technical means) to functional use, etc. must have a certain leading level.

2, The principle of reliability:

System resources, including the reliability of hardware equipment, such as a certain high standard, stable, easy to maintain; in the event of a hardware failure, there must be a reliable means of spare.

3,The principle of mature technology:

The system should try to use advanced and mature technology, so that it can be put into practical use, to achieve the use of the design effect.

4, Scalable principles:

The overall structure of the system is reasonable, the design capacity is moderate, and there is scalability, in the protection of the original investment under the premise of increased resource expansion, including communication coverage and distance increases.The scheme adopts signal relay and coaxial cable wireless coverage technology to complete the coverage of each floor of the business super, according to the actual needs of the establishment of one or more channels, can achieve seamless voice coverage and packet independent call function, To meet the business super practitioners of the "no blind spots, no interference, clear voice" of the work needs.

 Program  Features:

1, No dead zone signal

Super wireless communication system will extend the wireless signal to the underground parking lot, fire channel and other wireless signal is not easy to cover the place to ensure loss prevention, cash register, receipt, floor management, cleaning of voice communications. To ensure that any business within the ultra-efficient communication can be anywhere.

2,The equipment concise, scalable and upgrade

The system can be expanded at any time, or reduced, will not make other users and systems affected.

3, Unattended, simple structure

The system can achieve automatic unattended: the staff can call within the coverage of the call, no need to pay attention to duty, no talk, direct intercom.