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 Battery Usage Precautions:

1, Should use the original or approved battery.

2, If the metal conductor such as jewelry, keys or beads touch the battery exposed electrode, all the batteries may cause damage or personal injury. Be careful when handling batteries that have been charged, especially when loading them into pockets, wallet, or other metal containers.

3, The charge should be 5 to 40 degrees in the environment. If this temperature range is exceeded, the battery life is affected, and it is possible to fill the rated capacity.

 Antenna Usage Precautions:

1, In use, do not hand to get the antenna.

2, FM Transceiver antenna can not be unscrewed, or in the launch of the power tube is easy to burn.

3, Do not use damaged antenna. At the time of launch, if the damaged antenna is in contact with the skin, it may cause slight burns.