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Talent Concept:
1. Only the only use, the only virtue reuse
Feijie as employees of the enterprise, is the most valuable asset, is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. Feijie respect the value of each employee, pay attention to the integrity of employees and the courage to take responsibility for the professional ethics, to promote communication, cooperation and dedication, mutual help. Feijie to scientific and standardized management to provide staff with a good working environment and development platform, the growth of staff and the company's development planning is closely related to employees and enterprises will strive to achieve "LINTON" vision and mission of common development and progress.
2. Full training, simultaneous improvement, innovation and progress
Feijie adhere to the team's growth in order to achieve the maximization of personal values; adhere to the principle of fair and healthy competition for each employee to provide excellent job development platform, improve personal development and training opportunities to make it in challenging work The environment continues to progress, to achieve the greatest value!
3. To the heart of justice to choose, to the moral of the people; to the potential of education, to the results of the fruit to keep people
The implementation of the "who can, the flat so that Yongzhuo" talent competition mechanism, so that people fit their bit, the right person. And the development of the eyes to absorb and accommodate talent, in the core values under the guidance of the introduction of talent to promote the realization of business goals.